Our Offering

Source Co employs Australian tradesmen and engineers in our China office to provide manufacturing solutions for Australia’s construction and resource sector. This allows us to ensure quality and compliance for our customer’s projects without the need for them to mobilise large engineering teams overseas. Since our Asian hub is located in Shanghai, we call this division China Electrical Services (CES).

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
    Source Co has the capability to manufacture products according to your country’s specific compliance requirements. We are specialists with the Australian regulations but also supply products to both Europe and Canada so can cater for other market requirements. We leverage our manufacturing and procurement expertise in Asia, providing extra value and cost savings to our customers as a result. Whether it be a complex manufacturing project including a large variety of components or a procurement assignment for a prefabricated building site we will meet budgets and specifications. Source Co’s manufacturing network is unparalleled and draws on over a decade of overseas procurement expertise.
  • Certification and Testing
    Our technicians, including electricians and engineers are highly trained and comfortable with working in the Asian manufacturing environment. Source Co has experience in how to work in these challenging environments while still achieving both project specific requirements and compliance. We are able to provide our own labour workforce if required, but tend to work in a supervisory capacity with the current electrical team at any factory. We produce Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures in customised form for any project that draw upon our corporate quality strategies (ISO 9001). As standard this includes test reports and testing methodologies in line with AS 3000 or other the country specific requirements if relevant. When working with Australian rules and regulations we can also issue safety certificates against our contracting licenses which allow our customers to have confidence that their product is compliant before it is shipped.

Our Services

Source Co CES specialises in providing turn-key electrical services for the prefabricated building industry, yet our capabilities in Asia can be extended to many types of complex electrical equipment for the resource and construction sector.


Source Co provides optimized electrical design and engineering services and generates all relevant material lists and electrical take-offs.


Source Co is experienced in providing training to foreign electrical installation teams not familiar with overseas electrical standards, in order to establish best-practices on the factory floor.


Source Co provides customised test reports for all our projects and issues certificates against our contracting licences stating compliance with AS 3000.


As a whole company we are specialists in global procurement. We are accomplished in delivering compliant products and components to manufacturing facilities and directly to site.


Source Co’s technical team work alongside the client and/or vendor to fault-find in real time so that project compliance and safety requirements are upheld.


As part of Source Co’s turn-key offering to the prefabricated building industry we offer on-site installation and commissioning of projects across Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands.

Our Flyer

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Case Studies

Project examples to illustrate our capabilities.

  • Manus Island – PNG

    Containerised staff accommodation units were fully wired and tested by Source Co at the factory in China before installation was supervised on-site in PNG.

  • Santos GLNG

    Source Co successfully manufactured a quota of Motor Control Centres (MCC) for Santos in China as part of their pilot overseas manufacturing study.

  • Cassowary Hotel – PNG

    Source Co mobilised a project team to Thailand to oversee installation and certification of electrical systems for this full turn-key hotel project destined for Kiunga in PNG.

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